Dance is the term for people moving to a musical rhythm.  People have always danced.  Every society, even from ancient times, has its own dances.  In early societies dance were used on certain occasions, like marriage, war, illness or death.  In primitive societies dance were used to imitate certain actions, animals and objects.  They believed that by imitating these things in dance, they can capture their power and make it useful.

In modern times, dancing is still used in many different ways.  Dance can be done in groups, pairs and even alone.  Dance can take many forms, and it can be used in many different ways.  Many dance forms are carried down from generation to generation.  These dances are called traditional dances.  Some of these dances have been around for hundreds of years and are called folkloric.  A dance can be part of a ritual, it can be symbolic, it can tell a story, and it can actually become whatever anyone needs it to be.

Social dancing is a very popular activity in all societies all over the world.  Every generation find their own style of dancing to fit in with their kind of music and the world they exist in.  Social dancing, however is not the only use of a dance, it can also be an art form.  Dancing can be your work.  Dancing also is a great way to become fit.

Dancing is also very therapeutic in the way that it combines music, movement and relaxation.  Everybody can dance and age does not matter.  You do not stop dancing because of getting older, you feel older, because you stopped dancing.