20 Reasons to Start Dancing that may just Give you 20 More Reasons to Keep on Dancing

Dancing is a famous, well loved activity of humanity.  Dancing also has a big influence in the daily lives of many people.  For some it is just a fun past time over weekends and at certain occasions, like weddings or other social gatherings where dancing is done.  For other it is their work.  Professional dancers practice many hours to become the best they can be.


  1. Dance is considered to be in the top 5 physical activities.
  2. Dancing is great exercise.
  3. To dance is healthy and builds stamina.
  4. Dance Strengthens and tones legs and body.
  5. Dancing will increase your body flexibility and balance.
  6. Dance can assist you with weight loss.
  7. It will help you release toxins via sweating.
  8. Dancing may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  9. It helps prevent osteoporosis through bone strengthening exercise.
  10. The larger muscle groups are used in Ballroom dancing, which is a rigorous activity.
  11. Dancing is an excellent way of meeting new people.
  12. There is loads of great music, in all genres, that you can dance to.
  13. You will never get bored with dancing. There are many different dances to learn and try out.
  14. Dancing can help you overcome shyness. It will increase self confidence through learning new things.
  15. Anyone can dance. Each person has his or her own moves.  In social dance the moves are up to you.
  16. Dancing will condition your body through exercise.
  17. Through exercise you will keep your heart in shape and improve your body’s circulatory system.
  18. Dance exercise conditions the body.
  19. Dancing will increase your energy levels.
  20. Later in life, dance exercise, using your body and mind to make these movements, will help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Taking in consideration all the reasons to dance, there is still only one that needs to be mentioned again; Dancing is fun and can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their age.

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